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59 475 Тг.

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59 475 Тг.
Под заказ, 15 дней
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Co-developed with Steve Slater, the  Power Pin is a loadable, strongman training tool great for close-grip deadlift exercises like the power stairs or duck walk carries. Set-up includes just three simple parts—a handle, loading pin, and one wirelock pin to connect the two.

The durable steel loading pin is 14” long with a diameter of 1.96”, making it compatible with nearly all styles of bumpers or steel plates up to a capacity of over 500 pounds. Once the weight is added, the user can insert the T-shaped, 1.25” diameter handle into the loading pin and lock it into place at the desired height with the wirelock pin. There are 10 holes spaced 1” on center, so it’s easy to quickly adjust the height of the handle from one athlete to the next. During use, the 10” wide carrying portion of the handle features Rogue’s signature black powder coat for a firm, steady grip.

Another benefit of the Power Pin’s design is a beveled base that helps prevent the bottom of the pin from catching on the ground or the edge of stairs during use.

Warning: The Power Pin is not recommended for swinging movements such as kettlebell swings.


  • Quality U.S. Steel
  • Loading Pin Diameter: 1.96”
  • Loadable Length: 12”
  • Weigh Capacity: 500+ LBS depending on type of plates used
  • Handle Diameter: 1-1/4”
  • Handle Width (Carry Portion): 10”
  • 10 holes spaced 1” on center for Adjustable Height Range of 15-3/4” to 24-3/4”
  • Black Powder Coat Finish


Color Black
Product Weight 14 lbs.
Length 12" (Loadable Length)
Height 15-3/4" - 24-3/4"
Diameter 1.96" (Loading Pin)
Material Type Steel
Other Product Specs Handle Diameter: 1-1/4" Handle Width: 10"
  • Цена: 59 475 Тг.
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