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106 698 Тг.

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106 698 Тг.
Под заказ, 14 дней
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Узнать партнерские цены
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  • +7 (701) 500-50-10 Ваш персональный консультант
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Co-developed with our resident strongman and grip expert Steve Slater, the  Grip Trainer is a fully-adjustable resistance tool designed for use with an existing Monster Lite Series rack/rig.* The attachment is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, from 3x3” 11-gauge steel, and it mounts to an ML upright in a pin-and-clasp style, much like a J-cup. The gripper features a 42" (overall) long nylon webbing strap with slots sewn every 2" to allow for different height adjustments. Two carabiners are included standard for quickly connecting the strap to a kettlebell, plate, or other weighted medium. By adding an optional loading pin to your order, you can easily use any increment of standard bumper or Olympic plate as your chosen weight.

* For owners of an Infinity Series rack/rig, we do offer an Infinity-to-Monster-Lite Retrofit Kit (at an additional cost) that will enable you to use the Grip Trainer.

How It Works

The  Grip Trainer is designed with a slide mechanism consisting of two parallel steel prongs and two powder-coated grip bars (compatible Rogue Shorty Bands are also available for separate purchase). These elements combine with the attached weight source to create a dynamic, customizable resistance system—great for developing superior, lasting grip strength. Simply position your thumb and the bottom of your palms on the front stationary bar (1" diameter), and pull the 3/4" diameter slider bar toward you with your fingers in a squeezing motion. Both the sliding mechanism and the strap’s roller assembly feature quality brass bushings to ensure smooth, consistent movements.


  • Designed exclusively for use with  Monster Lite Series rigs and racks, or Infinity Series with use of Retro Fit Kit
  • 3x3” 11-gauge steel construction
  • Weight: 30.75lbs
  • Length: 20" (from upright when mounted)
  • Width: 16.25" (depth)
  • 42” Nylon Webbing Strap with slots spaced 2” for height adjustments (after install, strap hangs 34” below the unit)
  • (2) Carabiners included standard
  • (4) bushings in slide mechanism, (2) bushings in strap roller assembly for smooth motion


Color Black
Product Weight 30.75lb
Length 20" (from upright when mounted)
Width 16.25" (depth)
Steel Notes 3x3 11 Gauge Steel
Other Product Specs 2 Carabiners included
  • Цена: 106 698 Тг.
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