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The  Box Squat Box has an oversized 24x24" heavy duty rubber top, extra large base for stablity and is adjustable from 12-18".  Use this box for box squats, step ups, Bulgarian squats, box jumps and more.

What's the difference in quad (thigh) muscle activation between a wide stance squat and a close stance squat?

The answer to this question is after you read why you need a box or a few boxes in your box. In the mean time I got another question for those Oly lifters and CrossFitters out there, where do your feet end up when you are doing snatches and cleans and you are fatigued or even worse the weight is too heavy to keep proper form? They end up wide... Wider than shoulder width correct? I'm a CrossFit® Powerlifting coach and I see this all the time, so don't try to lie about it. Because you end up wide let's train through that position and build up some super strong squat and pulling muscles.

The Box Squat allows you to sit back further getting deep into the hams and glutes. It develops the proper squatting muscles while reinforcing correct technique. The wider stance and straighter foot position used for the box squat activates the hips and helps eliminate the excessive (bounce) stretch reflex that many close stance Olympic style lifters get. This makes the box squat more challenging but will also make your regular squat stronger and more efficient.

To get full hip activation you need to push out on the sides of your feet and externally rotate. A great example of this torque and force production can be seen by top level sprinters in the beginning of the race.

This 24x24" box is for the widest of as**s so anyone from a Crossfittian to a Sumo wrestler can use this box. On top of that it can handle the strength exhibited by the strongest powerlifters in the world. This box is battle tested and it has stood up to many of my squat workouts at Super Training. Keep in mind my best squat is 1080 so this box can handle a crap load of pressure and I haven't seen any signs of wear and tear.

What you will get and what I'm seeing from athletes all over the world is this: with stronger hips, hams and glutes you will notice a big bump in your cleans, snatches and deadlifts with out training them as often.

The answer to the question "What's the difference in quad (thigh) muscle activation between a wide stance squat and a close stance squat?" – There is none, as proven by recent university studies! So squat wide, off of a Rogue Box Squat Box and reap the benefits of PRs, stronger hips, low back, hams, and glutes!

-Mark Bell



Color No
Product Weight 78 lb.
Length 24 5/8"
Width 24 5/8"
Height Adjustable 12" - 18"
Foot Print 24" x 28 3/4"
Steel Notes 2" x 2" 11 Gauge
Other Product Specs Tested at 1100 lb.
  • Цена: 62 930 Тг.
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