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237 348 Тг.

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237 348 Тг.
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Monster Lever Arms will mount securely to any Monster Series rack or rig, and feature the same 3x3” 11-gauge steel construction. As an alternative to expensive, free-standing jammer arm units, this system utilizes a bolt-on design that offers superior space efficiency, easy install/removal, and unique customization options. From the football trenches to track-and-field events and Strongman competitions, few tools are better for developing upper-body explosiveness.

Each Lever Arm comes with a 3/8” thick, laser-cut steel mounting bracket. The pin and bushing design of these brackets ensures a consistent, smooth movement at the hinge point, allowing the arms to be pushed or pulled both unilaterally and bilaterally—with no stalling or hitches. Both the arms and brackets are finished in our Satin Black powder coat.

Positioned on the inside end of each 38.75” long Lever Arm is a bolt-on, bent-steel handle made from 1” schedule 40 tubing. The design of these 1.31” diameter standard grip handles (spaced 10” on center) gives athletes the option of a low or high grip position. There is also an optional Neutral Grip Handle design, which includes an additional vertical handle running between the two standard grips (see the dropdown menu to select your preference). All grips include a signature textured black powder coat finish.

On the outside ends of the Lever Arms are the weight posts, each with a loadable length of 11-5/8”—enough for roughly 200 LBS of bumpers or over 300 LBS of steel plates, depending on the type of plate used. The units are compatible with bands, as well, for another level of custom resistance training.


  • Compatible ONLY with  Monster Series Rigs and Racks
  • Space-efficient Bolt-On design (rare among jammer arms on the market)
  • Arms: 3x3” 11-gauge steel with laser-cut holes, 38.75" Length
  • Mounting Brackets: 3/8” thick, laser-cut and bent steel with pin and bushing design
  • Handles: Available as Standard Grip or with additional Neutral Grip. 1” Schedule 40 tubing; 1.31” diameter
  • Weight Posts: 11-5/8” loadable length
  • Finishes: Satin Black (Arms and Brackets) and Textured Black powder coat (Handles)
  • Safety: Arms are capped at the ends and feature rubber bumpers along the edges to protect both the user and the rack/rig


Color Black
Product Weight 93 lbs
Length 39.5"
Diameter 1.31" (Handles)
Steel Notes 3 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Arms
Other Product Specs 3/8" Thick Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Цена: 237 348 Тг.
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