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280 898 Тг.

Под заказ, 30 днейКод: KZ1562
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280 898 Тг.
Под заказ, 30 дней
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Узнать партнерские цены
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  • +7 (701) 500-50-10 Ваш персональный консультант
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This fully assembled, no-nonsense machine gives you all the benefits of a neutral-grip T-bar row without the need of a barbell, landmine unit, or other accessories. Compatible with most styles of steel and rubber plates, the Rogue T-Bar Row features a 1-7/8” diameter post with more than a foot of useable length. After loading a desired weight, athletes can establish their proper foot placement on the machine’s 10x20” diamond tread footplates and choose from either the wide or narrow set of easy-grip, knurled handles.

The entire T-Bar Row machine creates just a 76” x 39.75” footprint, and includes 5/8” laser cut holes for band work as well as holes for bolting the unit to the floor (not required). The inclusion of high-end pillow block bearings ensures a uniquely smooth rotation point, eliminating unwanted side-to-side movements of the arm assembly so you get a consistent, straight return on every pull.

The T-Bar Row movement itself targets every major muscle group in the back, while also working the shoulders and biceps. Despite its considerable benefits, this movement sometimes gets overlooked simply due to the inconvenience of setting up a row station. This machine eliminates that problem.

Important:  T-Bar Row is made to order and ships fully assembled on a skid. May require a 3-6 week lead time.

 T-Bar Row Specifications:

  • 2x3” 11-gauge steel
  • Footprint: 76” x 39.75” (1.93 x 1.02 meters)
  • Useable Post Length: 12.5” (31.75 cm)
  • Knurled Handles for both Wide and Narrow Grips
  • Includes 5/8” holes for Band Work (Optional set of 4 Band Pegs can be added to your order)
  • Finish: Rogue's Signature Black Powder Coat


Color Black
Product Weight 197 lbs.
Length 76"
Width 39.75"
Height 20"
Foot Print 76" x 39.75"
Steel Notes 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel, knurled handles
Other Product Specs Usable post length - 12.5"
  • Цена: 280 898 Тг.
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