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200 330 Тг.

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200 330 Тг.
Под заказ, 15 дней
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Узнать партнерские цены
  • +7 показать номер +7 (701) 500-50-10
  • +7 (701) 500-50-10 Ваш персональный консультант
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Designed for compatibility with  Infinity Series racks and rigs, the 2x3” version of the Echo GHD gives more gym owners a way to set up a quality glute ham developer--without the expense of a large, stand-alone unit.

The 2x3 Echo GHD comes standard with a 30”x24” vinyl GHD pad and your choice of either a 2” or 3” foot roller assembly. Either version comes with the option to add a Games Box and/or a compatible Echo GHD Stabilizer Kit* to your order.

The 2” mount is intended solely for the 2” (front/back) faces of an Infinity upright, while the 3” mount will work exclusively with the 3” sides of an Infinity upright.


Simply strap the GHD pad to a Games Box or comparable plyo box, and mount the roller to the upright of any Infinity rig or rack that is securely fastened to the floor (we do NOT recommend the Echo GHD for use with squat stands). A convenient detent pin is included for mounting the foot roller, making it easy to adjust the height for different users or exercises.

For added security, both the underside of the GHD pad and the webbing of the seatbelt-style straps feature a non-slip, "grabber" fabric that helps prevent unwanted movement or sliding of the unit on a slick floor.


Many athletes already know the benefits of GHD training-- from building stronger glutes and hamstrings to promoting midline stability, powerful abdominal muscle recruitment, and the safe, active development of the spinal erectors. The challenge was always budgeting for the machine or finding room for it in a garage gym. The Echo GHD destroys those obstacles with a budget price, easy set-up and storage, reliable American craftsmanship, and a performance level to rival most freestanding machines. If you’ve wanted a genuine GHD in your gym, there are no further excuses.


Both foot roller assemblies for the 2x3 Echo GHD are compatible exclusively with our Infinity Series uprights and should not be mounted to any other type of upright. The wall-mounted Rogue 2x3 Strip accessory CAN be used in place of an upright, but will work ONLY with the 3" foot roller assembly.

*A Note on Echo GHD Stabilizer Kits:
By adding an optional Echo GHD Stabilizer Kit to an order, you will have another method for reducing any unwanted movement or rocking of the GHD during use. The kit comes in two versions (for either the 2” or 3” roller assembly) and can be mounted to any Infinity upright. The 3" Stabilizer Kit CAN also be mounted using a  2x3 Strip accessory, but the 2" kit CANNOT. Both versions of the Stabilizer Kit have 12 standard adjustment settings 1" on center, and the angle at which you set it up can allow for many more custom adjustments. A detent pin is included.


  • (1) Echo GHD Pad (Length: 30”, Width: 24”, Height: 18”) - Also Available to Order Separately
  • Bottom of Pad features heavy-duty 18oz vinyl with non-slip "grabber" fabric for greater stability
  • (1) Echo GHD Adjustable Roller Assembly – Your choice of 2” or 3” mount, Compatible ONLY with Infinity Series uprights
  • (1) Set of Durable Straps with seatbelt webbing and non-slip "grabber" fabric
  • (Optional) Games Box
  • (Optional) Echo GHD Stabilizer Kit (2” or 3”)
  • Applications: Glute/Ham Raises, Hip Extension, Back Extension, GHD Sit-Ups, Russian Twists, and much more


Length 30" (Pad)
Width 24" (Pad)
Height 10" (Pad)
Foot Print 30" x 24" (Pad)
Upholstery Vinyl
  • Цена: 200 330 Тг.
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